The Online Learning Platform for
Individual Tutors
  • You enjoy the flexibility of tutoring from your home, but you lack the physical space, time and infrastructure to expand your “classroom”.
  • You would like to tutor more students but you are unable to add more batches to your tight schedule.
  • You are tired of repeating lessons and wish you could focus on clearing doubts and monitoring progress instead.
  • Entrayn is about to become your new best friend.
I can study at my own pace and time, so I learn better! I learn from any convenient location - even when on the move! I ask questions without inhibition. My progress is continuously monitored - I get to know the areas I need to focus on. I get personalized feedback for every learning assessment. I SAVE on exorbitant costs of building infrastructure, rent, electricity, operational costs, etc. I Administer tests easily and leave the scoring to the technology! I use the test generator to easily create different types of tests based on course requirements. I get regular updates on the performance of my child. I create a question once - reuse it how many ever times I want! I can create question banks which can be reused many times!