Collaborate With Us

Sometimes, a touch of technology can work magic. If you are passionate about the teaching+learning process and have ideas on enhancing it, let's collaborate. Team up with us by writing to Your responses to the following questions would be a great starting point.

Teachers, Tutors, Instructors

  • Are you effectively harnessing the power of the internet, computers, tablets and mobile phones to enhance your teaching?
  • Would you like to reach out to more students with much less effort than your current workload?
  • Would you like to focus less on the monotonous and repetitive aspects of teaching, and more on improving your students' understanding and comfort levels?
  • Do you remember what motivated you to become a teacher? Are your current methodologies and students' performances in line with those goals?
  • Are you as productive and happy with your work right now as you ought to be? If not, would you like to do something about it?

Authors, Lesson Developers, Instruction Designers

  • Would you like to create rich, interactive content for learning and assessment?
  • Do you have neat ideas for instruction design and pedagogy that can make a lot of difference to the teaching+learning process?
  • Would you like to offer your course material online and yet retain complete control as to who can access it?
  • Are you as productive and happy right now with your work as you ought to be? If not, would you like to do something about it?