The Online Learning Platform for
Distance Education
  • The best way to differentiate and dominate in a distance learning offering is to host your courses on the Entrayn platform.
  • Your learners get the impact of direct personal instruction, combined with the convenience of studying from their home or regional center.
  • Your instructors will interact with students and clarify concepts without any additional workload.
  • Your offering becomes powerful and popular.
You can now PROMOTE and propel your Institue for setting the standards for online education using world class technology from Entrayn! You can DEPLOY a relatively smaller set of good instructors to serve thousands of students with high quality! You can ENABLE your teachers to effortlessly connect one-on-one with students. Records of all the students are maintained on the Entrayn Platform which can be accessed easily. We use the test generator to easily create different types of tests based on the course requirements! I can easily identify students who require attention, monitor their progress and give them timely feedback. I can network and connect with my fellow students anywhere in the world 24x7! I can conveniently study from where ever I am, even if I'm on the move! I get the feel of one-to-one coaching and instruction even without meeting my teacher personally! I get regular alerts on my focus areas, strengths, and, where I need more improvement and practice. I can now share my learnings and feel my confidence improve! I can now give shape to my dreams! I can connect with my instructors and other students from the location of my convenience. I never feel <b>alone</b> or <b>distanced</b>, because unlike conventional <i>distance learning</i>, here I can be in touch with my learning community 24x7! I can study at my own pace and in my free time!