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  • What would your academy be like...if you could reach out to more and more students without proliferating lesser-quality branches or depending on franchisees?
  • If you could ensure high quality teaching and measure its impact across your students throughout the course duration?
  • If you could track the effort and results of your faculty members on an ongoing basis?
  • What would it be like, if you had Entrayn?
By removing the repetitive part of teaching, I am able to allocate more time to directly improve my students' performance. I use technology to effectively teach my students! I teach from the location of my convenience! I administer tests easily and leave the scoring to the technology! I study at my own pace and time, so I learn better! I can learn even on the move! I view lessons repeatedly to grasp concepts better. My progress is continuously monitored - I know the areas I need to focus on and improve. I get personalized feedback for every learning assessment! I receive one-to-one guidance that may not be possible even in regular classes! I can ask questions without inhibition! We get regular updates on the performance of our child! Our Academy's reach is now UNLIMITED with minimum additional costs!