The Online Learning Platform for
Content Publishers
  • So you have excellent books, but do you get to interact with your readers?
  • Your content is educational and even includes assessments, but can it automatically measure performance and prod your learners to get back on track?
  • You have engaging CDs, but can they build a useful global online community around your offerings, which today’s tech-savvy learners expect?
  • Let Entrayn do all this and more, for you.
You record lessons or create questions once, reuse them any number of times. You can reduce the monotony and repetitiveness and thus save time and improve effectiveness for your instructors. This will enable them to teach more students in better ways. I can study at my own pace and time, so I learn better. With access to good quality content, we save money that would otherwise have been spent on numerous books and CDs. I can learn from any convenient location - even on the move! I ask questions without inhibition. I get personalized feedback for every learning assessment. I receive one-to-one guidance that may not be possible even in regular classes. We promote and propel our Institute for setting the standards for online education using world class technology from Entrayn! I use technology to effectively teach my students. We can increase the student-teacher ratio, without in any manner compromising the quality of instruction; in fact, we enhance the learning experience for our students. I use the test generator to easily create different types of tests based on requirements.