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Expand Your Reach

Expand beyond classroom walls and reach an unlimited number of Learners at their time and place.

Provide Personalized Learning

Empower Instructors with Entrayn to provide Personalized Learning experiences in a scalable and profitable manner.

Increase Quality, not Cost

Handle many more Learners with even better quality. Use Entrayn to reduce operational costs and watch your profits soar!

by Deploying Superior Pedagogy

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with Powerful & Easy-to-use Features!

Create Engaging Content

Video Lessons
Handouts & Slides
Live Virtual Classrooms
LeVIT® Recorder
Multiple Question types
Unlimited Question Bank
Content Dashboard

Teach, Track & Interact

Test Generator
Personalized Feedback
Doubt Clarification
Topic-Wise FAQ
Bandwidth Analytics

Manage, Monetize & Analyze

Custom Branding
Customized Landing Page
Course & Instructor Profile
Course Catalog & Pricing
Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway
Sales Analytics
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Or Check out what our Customers have to say

I am now able to fulfill my dream of teaching students from far and wide... from the comfort of my home
Mr. T. M. Soundararajan
Mathematics Professor
I love Entrayn's support! They take care of me and are always there when I need something. I can focus on the teaching and leave the technical part to them
Ms. Priya Krishnan
Soft Skills Trainer
Rich variety of useful features. You name it - Entrayn has already thought of it and implemented it.
Dr. D. P. Sankaran
Chemistry Professor
Using Entrayn, we were able to quickly create and brand our Online Academy...Recording lessons, uploading content and launching our courses was a breeze.
Mr. Venkat A.
SmartMegh Solutions Pvt Ltd
When we were young, we weren't lucky enough to experience such high quality teachers. I am impressed with the virtual classroom experience on Entrayn, and I wish this reaches out to more Learners across the world.
Mr. Ramesh
I didn't have to attend tuition physically, I didn't have to travel in the traffic. Sitting at my home, and logging on to Entrayn, I learnt concepts and worked out problems with ease. It was superb!
Ms. Nandhini
Engineering Student

And what the press has to say

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Entrayn's online sessions are a hit among the students and parents because of proximity to a teacher, one-on-one learning, no commute required and motivation through vibrant techniques!

Teaching and learning are no longer confined to the classroom. Technology has broken the monotony of the classroom, physical barrier and limitations of a time-bound teaching. In a series of video lessons, the online sessions turn into a virtual teacher.

The other advantages of the academy are discussion forums, FAQs etc. In the common forum if a student raises a doubt, he can expect a response from the teacher in 24 hours or from fellow students who have grasped the concept. Even school teachers can use the platform features to supplement and reinforce their regular classroom teaching, especially for repeatedly explaining important concepts, clearing doubts, revision, etc

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About Entrayn


At Entrayn we give our valuable customers learning and teaching experiences that they love! In other words, we empower Learners and Instructors to become more effective and also enjoy what they're doing.

Entrayn seeks to enable better education through better technology. Thus we constantly and actively contribute towards all aspects of the Learning Value Chain including Best Practices not just in Software and Technology, but also in Pedagogy, Content Creation, Learning Delivery, Progress & Performance Tracking, and Personalized Learning/Teaching experiences.

And the Team that makes it tick!

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Entrayn is founded and managed by alumni of Harvard, Stanford, IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad.

The core management team has more than 80 years of collective experience in diverse fields.

Their prior accomplishments include setting up multiple startups and scaling them to multi-million dollar companies.

Each and every member of the team is dedicated to the mission of enhancing Training at low cost using powerful technology in combination with superior pedagogy and best practices.

What we believe sets us apart from many others is that we feel deeply privileged to be serving people who impart knowledge and education, one of the noblest and most venerable of all human endeavors.