The Online Learning Platform for
Corporate Training
  • How would it feel like... to have higher retention and recall of training sessions across your organization, at a fraction of your current training costs?
  • To effectively yet inexpensively educate clients on how to use your products and services?
  • To ensure effective knowledge transfer even when employees move across projects or move out?
  • If you like the sound of all of this, then you will love Entrayn.
We DEPLOY a relatively smaller set of good instructors to train all our employees. We create content once and reuse it any number of times. I have access to good quality content that can be used repeated across multiple batches. I use technology to effectively train new employees. We use technology to effectively educate clients on how to use the company's products and services. I can learn from the location of my convenience. Entrayn Platform helps to maintain records and monitor progress of all employees easily. We get consistent training regardless of when we join the company. There is effective knowledge transfer when you move across projects.